Prizes for the best air sportsmen awarded! – Cumulus 2017


Jaktorów February 2017


All aviation enthusiasts were waiting for that day. Last Saturday (17th February) the best air sportsman of 2017 was selected.


Cumulus 2017 is a nationwide plebiscite for the top 10 Polish Air Sportsmen. It is known, that Polish pilots are able to do impossible things. The history of aviation shows that Poles have been, are and will be pioneers of aviation.

This year’s Golden Cumulus 2017 award went to Adam Pupek and Piotr Kozikowski, members of the national paramotor team. They fly together in the PL2 class.


Our favorite and also a colleague from the national gyroplane team Alojzy Dernbach together with Klaudia Laskowska won the 5th place. A multiple medalist of the Polish, European and World Championships, they received the Blue Cumulus 2017 statuette, stressing that it is a very big distinction.


Congratulations to all participants of the gala of the prizes we have won and wish you another great success.


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Cumulusy 2017

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