A long history of Polish aviation is conquering the American market with the modern Gyroplane

Jaktorów March 10, 2017



From decoding German intelligence in the IIWW, to amazing medical transplants, Polish engineering and technology have been ahead of time, and aviation was always on a good level. One of the initial Gyrocopters from Juan De La Cierva was flying in Toruń, hundred and seventy kilometers (110 miles) from the capital – Warsaw.


Eighty years later, the first gyroplane registered after the war in Poland was produced in Trendak Headquarters, almost a decade ago from today, almost three hundred gyros later, Poland produce what is consider “the best multipurpose ultralight aircraft of all times”. The Polish TERCEL and his pilots make two podiums in the last word cup in England, Unmatched engine power and cockpit design, maneuverability only reached by small tandem models, and a number of remarkable professional operations around the word, from real military anti narcotics operations in the jungles of Colombia to crossing the Saudi desert.


Today the Polish Gyroplanes are aiming for the American market. Artur Trendak, CEO of Trendak Aviation initiate the consolidation of a redesign, and improve network for aircraft sales, customers support and maintenance, covering the American continent from Brazil to United States. Two international contracts, first one with an American Company, AIR GYRO from Utah, with more than sixteen years of gyroplane experience and complete network around the US, and the second one with Brazil to cover the south of the continent. All with KIT type and ready to fly machines, spare parts and technical support.


This new network is design to close the gap between the manufacturer and the final customer; many Gyro producer around the word relied on local dealers to provide the sales on other countries, but the biggest issue starts in the post-sale support.


“Our main objective is to keep people flying, it is not about many sales, it is about many happy flying customers”

-Artur Trendak.


An international team of technicians and pilots located in different points, directly trained and certified by Trendak. Spare parts in strategic points and local warehouses, plus the “right in your hangar” service, no matter were you are, make the post-sale service more friendly and effective if your machine is in a flight school, farm or simply provide your weekend entertainment, the Polish friends will Keep You Flying !


For more information about the network, sales and service log in www.trendak.eu.



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