Aviation Artur Trendak sponsors a football club

Jaktorów July 2017


Polish aircraft manufacturer Aviation Artur Trendak has signed a cooperation agreement with a football club from Jaktorów village. This is not the first time that the company from Jaktorów supports sports.


The contract was signed at the AAT headquarters. The agreement with the local club will be valid until the end of June 2018. Thanks to cooperation young players received full training equipment. The third-division team will perform in specially prepared match shirts this season. During the talks, the club president admitted that it was a step forward for the club and the pupils. From today, pupils will train on individual sport equipment, which in the future will have a potential reflection on the results of the representation.


We have been considering various investment opportunities in sports this year, and we are very pleased to have finally partnered with a local club. Thanks to the club’s official partner status, it is our great pleasure to sponsor young people who want to develop in the sport. We believe in their success and we wish to advance to the 2nd league.


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Aviation Artur Trendak



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