Golden trophy for AAT

Jaktorów September 2017


On 8-10 September in Łomża, at the airport between the bridges took place the 18th Microlight Championship KONTAKTY 2017.

As every year on the Łomża skies it was possible to admire the AAT pilots. Apart from the numerous representatives of the gyrocopters, pilots from other ultralight aircraft from all over Poland and guests from the Czech Republic and Lithuania also visited. The Łomża Championship is not only a competition for pilots but also the a lot of attractions and the opportunity to exchange aviation experiences.

The championships were held in three classes: ultralight aircraft (ULM), gyroplane class and propulsion paraglider class (PPG / PPGG). Pilots of the ULM and gyrocopters competed in several previously prepared competitions such as: accuracy of landing and navigation. Surprise for pilots has also been shown to further classify the competition of the passage through the point. At this competition pilots had to show precision during the passage through a specially marked pointing gate. Uncompetitive in this competition turned out to be pilot AAT Marcin Majsterek.


Thanks to the great organization of the competition, in addition to admiring the high level of aerial rivalry, there have been prepared numerous interesting attractions which could be used by pilots and the public.

Congratulations to all the results and we are looking forward to next year!


Press and media department

Aviation Artur Trendak



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