Gyroplane passion for life

Jaktorów September 2017


Every one of us once dreamed of going to the skies. The ability to fly in some people discovers another previously unknown personality page. We have noticed that there is a growing number of passionate people who want to fulfill their dreams.


Gyrocopters, thanks to wide application in various fields, are gaining great popularity today and interest in people who want to pursue their aviation passion. An ideal example of aviation passion is the “57-my”


The “57-my” was created thanks to passion for aviation and gyrocopters. The team consists of three pilots who jointly appear in air shows, presenting the capabilities of their machines. The name of the team is a reference to the birth year of the founding pilots who can boast a combined over 3700 hours. Gyroplanes shows around the world are attracting the attention of the public because their maneuverability and performance diverge from the rest of the aircraft. Romuald Owedyk and his new TERCEL are among the most recognizable people on air show among Polish pilots of gyroplanes. Pilot Romuald Owedyk started his aviation adventure at the age of 53, piloting a gyroplane. He owned the first post-war grenade launch in Poland, which was handed over to the Museum of Aviation in Krakow. The performances of the 57-my team can be admired at air events in Poland and abroad.


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