Gyroscan Project Council meeting

Jaktorów June 2017


On 6 July 2017, a meeting of the Gyroscan Project Council was held in the Aviation Artur Trendak facility.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the individual elements and issues of the Gyroscan project. The meeting was divided into two parts and one 10 minute break. The issues of the timing of individual activities and the overall perspective of the program were discussed. In the upcoming months for company AAT flights over designated fields and meadows were scheduled. The purpose of numerous raids is to gather new data and compare them with previous measurements. The most recent survey results have been reviewed and verified by people participating in the board. Recently, the first attempts at the analyzer system have been made to support the realization of the objectives. During the meeting a lot of attention was paid to the issue of eliminating the occurrence of weather barriers related to conducted research.

The four-hour meeting ended with the development of strategy for the next quarter for individual units and the appointment of flight dates over designated areas. The next meeting of the council was set up in mid-October in Lublin.


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