Passing the gyrocopter to the Polish Aviation Museum

Jaktorów, June 2017


On the 24-25 of June, 2017. 13th Małopolski Piknik Lotniczy took place at the historic Rakowice-Czyżyny airport, headquarters of the Polish Aviation Museum, where pilots from all over Poland were present.

During the picnic, masters of acrobatics presented their skills in the air. There were also pilots and aircrafts from Aviation Artur Trendak, who delighted the audience with a show of flight and acrobatics with gyrocopters with a special Smoke system adapted for air shows.

This year’s event was also accompanied by a historic moment for AAT. During the picnic, one of the first AAT gyroplane models was delivered to the Polish Aviation Museum. The museum model is the first gyroplane registered after the II World War in Poland. It flew 1,500 hours without any major mechanical faults and is the first gyrocopter with a smoke system installation (a special system for producing smoke during aerial acrobatics). The legendary machine for the Małopolska picnic flew in the escort of other gyrocopters and until the official transfer took part in the event. AAT commited to maintain airworthiness of the museum gyrocopter every year.

As every year the shows were accompanied by a great atmosphere and numerous spectators who could take advantage of the attractions prepared by the organizers.


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