TERCEL – The Best Gyro 2019

An unrivaled victory for Aviation Artur Trendak. TERCEL gyroplane the best gyroplane in the world.


Once again, Aviation Artur Trendak gyroplanes achieve another success on the European “ultralight” aircraft market. A summary of 2019 is behind us – a summary of all the results of the classification of the Polish and European championships.


The growing popularity of AAT gyroplanes around the world allows us to improve our products very quickly. A perfect example is the TERCEL gyroplane, which has been an unrivaled gyroplane on the market for three years.


The performance and safety of brand Aviation Artur Trendak aircrafts is confirmed at every competition and comparison of all gyroplanes from around the world. Since 2017 the tittle “The Best Gyro” goes to TERCEL and it was no different this year.


Looking at the results after the World and European Championships, all the gyroplane pilots were surprised. The TERCEL SPORT gyrocopter took off from the run shorter than 50 meters.


How is it possible with two people on board?        


All thanks to the innovative AAT technology. AAT gyroplanes have a 135 HP engine (140 HP with injection system), which was developed with pilot safety in mind (it is the pilot that affects the fuel dose and power, not the engine control computer). A very short take-off and short landing allows the machine to be used in all conditions.


The phenomenon in the design is a very light cabin, which has been slightly modified for better aerodynamics and better cooling of important components (Kevlar Core AAT technology – combination of carbon – kevlar materials). In addition, the aerodynamic shape, wide-spaced wheels and a low center of gravity ensure maximum safety when landing on short sections of the lane.


This year, the AAT offer will be expanded with further innovative solutions that will soon be seen in the configuration of TERCEL Individual / Sport / Exclusive, TAIFUN BusinessJet and TAURUS Force models.


GYRO AAT 2020 offer coming soon!





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