The World Cup of Ultralights, test of the Gyroplane potential

Jaktorów July 2017


For some years now,  the ultralight aircrafts had been tested in different modalities. The pilots’ skills, maneuverability, economy, weight and flying performance are displayed every year around the world.

Last year in England was celebrated one more edition of the Microlight World Championship. It is based on all the technical and safety aspects that machines can offer. The Gyroplanes entered an exclusive category, the most representative brands of the market in the autorotation segment  were present, the rest was only fun and friendly competition.

During the navigation competition the crew need a perfect visibility from the cabin. The biggest advantage of TERCEL gyrocopter are large front, side and floor windows. Thanks to such glazing the competitors have easier task to find all the ground objects from the aerial photos.

Another competition TERCELS’ advantage is its unique low own weight – comparable to the own weight of open tandem gyrocopters. Gyros are fully functional. This extremely low mass was reached to increase performance and match the champion regulation (maximum takeoff mass 450 kg for a competition gyrocopter).

High rank competition always show the best pilots and the best machines. It is a hard battle to adapt as much as possible to your machines, because each manufacturer produces its best planes. Aviation Artur Trendak pilots and gyrocopters at the world competition always occupy high positions on the podium, emphasizing the reliability and safety of the machines produced.


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