Unlimited possibilities of AAT gyroplanes


Does the future of aviation belong to gyroplanes?

For years, the Aviation Artur Trendak company has been working on a universal means of transport, which can be a gyroplane. After years of testing and technological development, gyroplanes enable their customers to move comfortably in various spheres: air, water, land.

To the question: “Does the future of aviation belong to gyroplanes?” the customers themselves answer, who emphasize the safety of gyroplanes and the possibility of using them in all weather conditions. The fact of a short take-off and landing in random places, low operating costs puts gyroplanes ahead of planes and other aircraft.


Unlimited possibilities of the TERCEL gyroplane?

We recently published tests of our gyroplanes in Saudi Arabia and Paraguay at high temperatures reaching over 45°C.

We’re currently opening a new AAT gyroplane sales point in Belarus. TERCEL BLACK EDITION went to dealership tests. The gyroplane was tested during the external conditions reached:


Temperature: -35°C.

Flight altitude: 13 030 ft.


During the flight, the gyroplane showed model parameters. The heating worked flawlessly. Excellent steering and maneuverability. Dealer’s final rating: GREAT – gyroplane bought!


Purpose of the tests? – reliability of the AAT gyroplanes in all conditions!

We test our gyroplanes in various conditions to be sure of the reliability of our products and expand the offer with new solutions for individual customer needs.

The AAT engine with an additional turbine and injection package is designed from scratch for gyroplanes. Compared to the Rotax 915 engine, we’ve modified several key elements that have improved the cooling, parameters and performance of the engine. Thus, the unit installed in the AAT gyroplanes is more efficient and doesn’t have the disadvantages that occur when installing serial Rotax engines.


Service, operation, warranty and access to spare parts offered in the service and dealer system #WeKeepYouFlying for customers is direct.


Photos from the tests in Belarus are published below.




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