AAT gyroplanes save the forest!


Recent droughts have caused many forest fires. The biggest problem for firefighters is the exact location of the fire. Forests and national parks are a very large and dispersed area, therefore, localized fire is not easy. An additional difficulty is the wind, which moves smoke and fire.


The Kampinos fire brigade faced a difficult challenge, which was notified of a fire in the Kampinos National Park. The inability to find a fire made the whole operation difficult. TERCEL in the FEUERWEHR version flew to patrol prepared at the special order of the German fire brigade. TERCEL due to its reliability and good visibility from the cabin is used in preventive actions during the occurrence of a special fire hazard. It is also used to supervise the security of persons and property, search for missing persons, control and manage firefighting operations and patrol borders.


Pilots using aircraft for patrol operations underline their important role. From a ceiling of 1500 feet, an air patrol is able to determine the exact location of the threat within a radius of 50 kilometers.


Due to the current drought situation, as an Aviation Artur Trendak company we have declared full support. Our hangars, airfield and gyroplanes will be adapted to cooperate with fire brigades.



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