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Elaboration of innavative method for monitoring the state of agrocenosis with the use of remote-sensing gyro system in

terms of precision farming.


Smart Developement

Implementation of new materials technology in AAT aeronautical products

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The aim of this project is to elaborate innovative rotorcraft components and build them in the Applicant’s

products with the use of a new technology of joining high-strength aviation-based durals and give them

functional properties that have not yet been used in aviation industry. The basis of the work are positive results

of using glued joints of rotor blades and sockets setting their eneral stroke for local hardening of the critical

section of blades mounting in the head. The works have been conducted as a joint project of the Applicant and

The Institute of Aviation that will be a subcontractor from now on. The project aims to transfer the experience

gained onto other components and improve the material performance indicators in critical elements of the

manufactured air constructions, which should increase their safety and main operational features that are

preferred by the buyers. The works cover conducting strength tests of glued duralumin joints, including selection

of glue type, glueing technique and surface preparation. One of the stages assumes using carbon nanotubes for

strengthening selected glued joints. The successive stage involves making the demontrative versions of the

critical rotocraft components based on the optimalised technology (blades joint, rotor head, supporting mast,

landing gear) and the dedicated testing stations. The components will be subjected to functional and proof tests

for aeronautical products. Next, the products, in their final forms, will be tested in the air at specially prepared

flying platforms. In effect, the AAT products will get technical advantage over competitive products, and that will

provide an opportunity of expanding the offer by the sale of new components as independent products , which

will strengthen the Applicant’s market position in the world.