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Jaktorów October 2018


Many years of research let us develop a new concept of AGRO system for precise flights for agriculture.


Gyrocopters suits perfectly for agriculture Thanks to innovative method of monitoring the state of agrocenosis using a remote sensing system gyrocopters suits perfectly for agricultural applications. The use of this system let the farmers to lower the costs of fertilization and to increase the yield of crops.


As a part of the development of AGRO products in aviation a measuring equipment for determining the needs of irrigation, fertilization and chemical pest control was developed. Last tests of gyrocopter AGRO system were very successful. Thanks to it’s construction, gyrocopters can be also fitted for spraying and pest control using organic biological mixture (without interfering with chemical substances). The advantages of using gyrocopters in agriculture is the lack of damage caused by wheeled machines and very high efficiency.


On the basis of several years of cooperation with our clients and State entities, we were able to carry out detailed research. It clearly states that the new AGRO AAT system is an important product in the further development of precision flights for agriculture.


Numerous recommendations have contributed to a significant increase in interest. We received the first orders for the spraying set from Chile immediately after the publication of the official test results. Our delegation is currently in America and is installing the first AGRO systems.


It is just the beginning of the sales and distribution of the AGRO system now. We are pleased with the fact that there is a lot of interest and opportunities for further development of AAT aviation towards agriculture.


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