AMFIBIUS – a modern means of transport

Jaktorów October 2018


You wonder what mode of transport will be best for you: car, boat or plane? You do not have to choose anymore. Engineers Aviation Artur Trendak in cooperation with international company have developed a universal means of transport.


AMFIBIUS (ang. Amphibious) is the name of AAT new product, which was developed to meet and satisfy the needs of traveling in all conditions. A multifunctional means of transport is available at your fingertips.


A gyroplane that moves in three elements: ground, water and air. We combined these three elements with each other, in this way to get a universal means of transport. Faster than a speedboat, functional than a car, safer than a plane. We were guided by such features when creating a new amphibian system for AAT gyroplanes.


Hundreds of hours of testing, thousands of solutions, millions of ideas. This is how the AMFIBIUS system was created. The hard and arduous work of the constructors paid off. It is a phenomenon in the field of transport. The safest means of transport that combines three possibilities of traveling. The advantages of the amphibious system are very short take-off and landing as well as movement in all conditions. The reliability of AAT gyroplanes and the possibility of landing anywhere makes it possible to travel directly to anywhere in the world.


The final tests and certification are behind us. Soon AMFIBIUS will go to global sales. The first dedicated sales markets will be: Canada, the United States of America, China and the whole of Europe.


If you are interested in the individual AAT offer, please contact the sales department:


Patryk Kazimierski

+48 575 100 120


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Aviation Artur Trendak

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