The Artur Trendak company was founded in 2002 and initially worked in the automotive business. In 2006, the new plant in Jaktorów began production of light aircraft, the gyroplanes. To this day, more than 180 machines, flying on 5 continents, have left this plant. Starting a new phase of its operations in 2011, the company adopted the name Aviation Artur Trendak, and recently, after Michał Trendak joined the team:


In 2013 the AVIATION ARTUR TRENDAK & SON GmbH, sole ownership of Artur Trendak, was established in Germany, at Flugplatz, 17248 Lärz. The motto of Trendak and Son is: Tradition, Technology, and Teamwork.

Tradition: the company Trendak and Son is a family business. Michał Trendak, the son of Artur Trendak, the founder of the company, is recently also active on the team. Most of the key employees are working in the company for over 10 years; their experience and expertise ensure continuity and sustainability of the company. Made partly by hand, the gyroplanes require traditional craft skills to provide the highest quality and attention to detail. Experienced, reliable craftsmen working in the company for many years are the best guarantee of obtaining this goal.

Technology: the company Trendak and Son applies the latest technologies and scientific achievements in the development of their products. The engineering team in the research and development department is using the latest computer simulation techniques and CAD for continuous improvement of the quality and performance of the machines. Multiple elements of the gyroplanes are manufactured in CNC technology. The company adapts its products to the latest technologies in the field of photogrammetry and laser scanning area. The company collaborates with universities and research institutes in the implementation of other technologies, such as biological pest control.

Teamwork: teamwork is the basic principle of Trendak and Son. In the modern world the perfect product can be formed only through cooperation of many specialists in various fields who contribute to the common achievement. The company employs its own experts, but also works closely together with other companies, research institutions, and external advisors. The sum of knowledge, experience and innovation contributed by each of the team members makes it possible to create the perfect product.

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