Military Patrolling

Possibility of carrying skydivers. Gyroplane can be also equipped with observation equipment, measurement equipment, thermal imaging cameras, cameras and other military equipment.


Defensive Systems

We are able to customize each gyroplane model to different types of weapons.


Sniper training

Adaptability of the gyroplane for sniper training. Lowers the costs of training up to 50%.


Police Operations

Maintaining public security and order during mass events risks as well as during a special level of government security and celebrations, including VIP visits.


Detection of stolen goods, temporary warehouses and other facilities related to the commission of offenses placed in hard to reach areas (mountainous terra in, forest).

Detection of crimes related to theft of fuel from pipelines, warehouses and equipment elements of the rai I way and energy networks.


Thermal Camera Air Searching

For missing persons corpses, fugitives from the prison, temporary inmates. Rescue arising from catastrophes and nature I disasters (for example: lifeguard can be quickly delivered at the scene of an accident or some food or rescue kit can be dropped to the flood victims).