T6 – Prototype

The largest model of the gyrocopter Aviation Artur Trendak.

Six seats gyroplane Aviation Artur Trendak for special tasks and air transport.

It is a prototype of a multifunctional gyroplane. A luxury aircraft, whose task will be to move quickly and comfortably.

Technical dataRST
Empty weight (depending on the configuration)700kg
Max Payload500 kg
Max Take-off Weight (1)1200 kg
Powerplant2x Rotax 912RSCi
Configuration4 flat cylinders 4T
IntakeInjection + compressor
Fuel Capacity2 x 75 liters
RotorTrendak & Son aluminium
Minimum speed70 km/h
Cruise speed (75%)140 km/h
Maximum speed195 km/h
Rate of climb5 m/s
Operational ceiling4500 m
Cruise fuel consumption40 l/h
Endurance in hours3h 45min
Theoretical maximum range525 km

* The data provided is for illustrative purposes only. The above offer is for information purposes only.