New branch AAT in America

Jaktorów, 31 March 2017



This week Aviation Artur Trendak signed second agreement for the Americas, and the biggest agreement in sports aviation in the history between Poland and Brazil. The propose of this centers is to reinforce the network, based on the customer service and special attention to the flying support.


From May 2017 the city of Belem state of Para in Brazil, will be the second Trendak center outside Poland, for airplane sales, maintenance and service. An initial investment of 1.5 million euro will provide a complete infrastructure for all Trendak models, service, training and spare parts. Also costumers soon will be able to acquire the machines faster, the times for delivery will change from months to weeks.


Trendak Aviation thinking in our costumer in remote areas is working nonstop to make more easy and friendly the Gyrocopters technology around the world.


Initially the network will start in 5 states in Brazil with Belem as a headquarters. Soon all countries in the south of America will have easy access to Trendak products and lower taxes due to comments agreements between the south region.


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