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Jaktorów, May 2017


This month Aviation Artur Trendak pilots held their first flights with new scanners and they cooperated with Poland and the German delegation of the EU program BIOSTRATEG. The main purpose of the project is to develop a DSS (Decision Support System) to determine the needs of irrigation, fertilization and chemical eradication in the context of the requirements and objectives of precision agriculture.

In the GYROSCAN project, our company is responsible for, among other things, the construction and adjustment of the gyroplane for the transfer of hyperscopic and other test equipment. The extensive experience in providing service flights to gyroplane provides the right knowledge to operate and service these machines, as well as flight security and flight testing using a gyroplane.

We are extremely pleased to be able to help with such a large project. At the same time we thank you for the trust we entrusted to you during the implementation of the various phases of the entire investment.


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