TERCEL Black Edition


Exclusive design taken from the “Exclusive” package, sporting performance transferred from the “Sport” package and innovative aviation technology combined with your smartphone from the “Individual” package. This is a new proposal for the TERCEL gyroplane equipment.


Changed visual style of the gyroplane and new main panel with the possibility of adapting mobile devices such as: a tablet or a smartphone is a step into the future for ultralight aviation. Another advantage of the new configuration is the improvement of the performance of the gyrocopter through the new drive unit. The Black Edition version is equipped with a Rotax engine with the AAT PERFORMANCE package with a total power of 135 HP (141 HP with an injection system).


Inside the gyroplane you will find luxury sports seats finished with Alcantara, liquid crystal displays integrated with modern avionics, tinted windows, limited Black Edition finishes, Kaspar adjustable propeller, ultralight safe AAT cabin, carbon tail booms, panoramic windowa in the nose of the plane, additional navigational lighting and landing lights, electric trimmers and equipment for easy piloting.


Detailed information about the presented model: https://www.trendak.eu/sklep/tercel-black-edition/


You do not have to wait for your dreamed gyroplane anymore! The presented model is available immediately and you can start the pilot training tomorrow. Do not wait, contact the nearest AAT sales office and ask for the details of the offer.



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