The unconventional war tools

Jaktorów June 2017


Ostróda is a lake city about two hours driving north from the capital Warsaw.This year the picturesque town hosts fair Pro Defense 2017. Public show to present a global history of the army technology, from the beginnings in the medieval times to the technology that can reach Mars.

The 4 days presentation open the doors to all kind of public, from children to the professionals audience, in a simple but elaborate gathering allowing all the spectators to handle, ride, touch and play with the oldest and newest technology use in the actual battle field.

The modern treats have evolve from the conventional warfare with tanks, big armored card and distinguish front lines to a highly mobile and morph theater. Where conquering empires or regimes are no longer a treat to countries borders. Illegal immigration, small urban terrorism, drugs smuggling and human traffic to number some, are the actual front line, and armies around the world also realize that eagles can’t hunt flies.

An invasion of radical camouflaged terrorist, with no flag or uniform, supported by dark underground organizations no bigger than a bunch of undated individuals make conventional big weapons complete obsolete.

Intelligence and mobility make a efficient countermeasure to the modern treats. governments no longer can afford to have big number of big machines, social investment makes priority rather than hipper budgets for slash hammers. Small, efficient and economical tools, machines and weapons that countries can afford by numbers for less investment and easy operation. Instead of having two Helicopters for tens of millions, the authorities can have a fleet of ten Gyroplanes for way less than that, and always have space for complement the operational team diversifying the kind of machines. Small birds and spiders are more efficient hunting flies.

Mobility commands on the borders and city perimeters, with a diverse kind of security implements like, Drones, ATV’s,  Gyroplanes, and interconnection technologies to share data in real time, reduce the possibilities of this slippery enemy to move or penetrate  the defense lines without legal control, this is a small example of the countless possibilities of this multi task, man and unman team of machines.

Trendak Aviation is a pioneer on the implementation of this multi task platforms in the real warfare theater, proven concept fighting Illegal drug cartels and terrorist organizations in south America, platforms capable to adapt cellphones trackers, cameras and surveillance systems without wasting expensive helicopter hours,  covering more areas of borderline with a number of machines for less than ten percent of the cost of one single military helicopter. Implementing this technology never replace the use of big tools, but definitely make the use of resources more effective and precise.

From the arrow to the machine-gun, advance and remarkable chivalry tactics, spitfires fighting for freedom under unbeatable 303 RAF squadron or the latest gyroplane multiplatform technology available, Poland ones again shows to the public that ingenuity and efficient tools make the difference at the time to protect the people of the free word.


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