TWISTAIR 2.0 winner of the RED DOT AWARD 2018

Jaktorów, December 2018


We already know the official results of the RED DOT AWARD 2018.


The Red Dot Design Award and distinction is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of innovation and design. The competition is hosted by the largest global producers whose products are available all over the world. Over 5000 projects from 58 countries are registered in each competition. Thanks to that, the RDA competition and awards have become one of the largest and most recognized awards in the field of design in the world.


It does not happen very often that the project of the aircraft in this case the design of our new gyroplane AAT won with the best passenger car designs. The new TWISTAIR 2.0 project this year has won the RED DOT AWARD 2018 prize and distinction by signing on the product cards of the future. After a year of joint work of our engineers with the design office, the gyroplane model, which won the hearts of this year’s jury. All thanks to the innovative cabin and cockpit.


This is a very big distinction for our company because we could directly compare our gyroplane as a global product with all innovative products in the world. Winning such a prestigious award shows that gyroplanes are becoming an increasingly appreciated product thanks to their innovation and safety of movement. At the same time, we are happy that thanks to the nomination and winning the RED DOT awards Aviation Artur Trendak along with 2symplex are sent to the close group of global RDA winners. The winners of previous awards were: Saab Automobile AB, GM Europe Design, Philips Design, Huang Hsin Ya and Huang Pin Chen, Hankook Tire, Google.


TWISTAIR 2.0 will be a unique tandem gyroplane, due to its modern shape and innovative solutions. Soon we will give the date of the premiere show of our new product.


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