A new pilot in the AAT team!

Jaktorów August 2018


We proudly inform that Patryk Kazimierski joined our company pilots team!

He was trained by our Master Instructors – Marcin Majsterek and Dariusz Szymańczak, he passed theoretical and practical exams before Civil Aviation Authority Examiner.


Patryk Kazimierski who is our marketing specialist passed his full pilot training in our Training center. Through 30 hours (2 times per week for 4 hours) he was thought about navigation, meteorology, aviation law and all the other aspects of flying under the watchful eye of Instructor Joanna. He also completed a practical training consisting of: flights with an instructor, solo flights, as well as flight in the field and along the route.


It took him about 3 months to complete the entire training. After that time, he passed the exam and a week later he was able to enjoy his Gyrocopter Pilot Qualification.


The next stage of the training will be for him, planned for a long time ago, the course of performing service operations using a gyroplane. Our entire team of professional pilots is already rapidly preparing for the next service season.


We would like to congratulate him and wish him many safe flights!


The next course for future pilots of gyroplane begins in September.


More info on website: https://www.trendak.eu/en/training-and-service/pilot/


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