Aviation Artur Trendak has prepared a special offer for the Pilot of Gyroplane course.

Make your dreams come true and become a gyroplane pilot. Our team of instructors conducts a specialized course, thanks to which, in a short time you will gain the skills of piloting ultralight machines.

The first step on the road to dreams about flying is to get a gyroplane pilot document. This permission will allow you to independently pilot gyroplanes throughout Europe and the World *.

The purpose of the training program is to prepare a future pilot for safe performance of air operations, in accordance with the rules of performing flights with Visual Flight Rules (VFR).


The training program is divided into two parts:


Theoretical course (30 hours) – during the training, the student acquires knowledge in the field of aviation law, meteorology, navigation, flight rules, communications, as well as the construction and operation of the machine (Possible extramural course).


Practical course (minimum 25 hours) – during the practical training, the trainees make flights with the instructor – a minimum of 10 hours, then pass to independent flights.


Available to each adept is:

– AAT gyroplane fleet

– AAT instructors (several champions of Poland, Europe and the World)

– Flexible dates and places of training

– Independent airstrip

– Various air routes (various degrees of difficulty)


Conditions for UAGP training are 16 years of age and a national-class medical aeronautical certificate. As a producer of gyroplanes, we choose machines for the tastes and requirements of future pilots ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

Detailed information is available at the AAT training office:


Patryk Kazimierski

Tel: 575 100 120

E-mail: patryk.k@trendak.eu


* Applies to selected States that honor Polish aviation rights.

Szkoły lotnicze AAT

AAT Baranów

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AAT Poznań

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