GYRO AAT SELECT – gyrocopters with a warranty


Careful selection of used gyroplanes


See the offer carefully selected and proven gyroplanes operated exclusively by the Aviation Artur Trendak sales network available under the GYRO AAT SELECT and BUY&FLY promotions.

In the wide offer you will find gyroplanes of different ages, but always of the same high quality. The GYRO AAT SELECT program includes demonstration gyroplanes: new, annual or several years old. All of them with a confirmed flight time, operation history and valid approval for flights, registration, insurance and AAT warranty.


Benefits of the GYRO AAT SELECT program:

  • gyroplane immediately available
  • the possibility of test flights
  • full manufacturer’s warranty AAT
  • technical support + registration
  • free pilot training*
  • individual settlement

*applies to selected models // the amount of free training is limited


Make your aviation dreams come true !!

Find your dream gyroplane among a wide range of carefully selected and proven aircraft in the world:



Year of production: 2008

Price: 35 000 €


ZEN 1 EXCLUSIVEoffer dedicated to AAT dealers

Year of production: 2021

Price: 115 000 € // 89 000 €


TERCEL EXCLUSIVEoffer dedicated to AAT dealers

Year of production: 2018

Price: 125 000 € // 95 000 €



Year of production: 2019

Price: 130 000 € // 110 000 €


Detailed information and availability of gyroplanes on offer on the website:





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