HANGAR PARTY // Jubilee Hangar Party…


The jubilee and also a round decade of Hangar Party events is behind us!


At the beginning of July, we organized the 10th edition of the aviation meeting of pilots, navigators and aircraft enthusiasts. For three years we have been uniting the aviation community, developing passions and making dreams come true.


Our events hosted world-famous aviation and extraordinary airpalanes from different parts of the world. Thanks to all the guests who visited us, we can share common experiences, news and stories from the aviation market and continue to safely cultivate the passion for flying.


During the jubilee event, three gyroplanes were officially handed over to new customers. The gyroplanes will fly to Poznań, Sochaczew and Wrocław.


The full photo report from Hangar Party is now available on our social media profiles:

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KLUB PILOTA // Aviation Cross Country…


For our club members and pilots, we have prepared an Aviation Cross Country at the end of July – a three-day flight to Słupsk and Ustka.


During the expeditions, each day will bring with it new landscapes and locations. There are numerous attractions planned, as well as a culinary journey and tasting of local dishes.


See you soon!




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AAT pilots are European Champions!


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