New gyro at the AAT Pilot School


A new fleet at the Aviation Artur Trendak pilot school


From January, our students will receive two new TERCEL SPORT gyroplane models.


In January, the production of Aviation Artur Trendak produced and flew two newest Tercel gyroplanes. These are the most advanced gyroplanes on the market, which have a double control system (Bowden) for both pilots, soundproofed composite cabins, elastic landing gear and a cockpit adapted to the individual predispositions of the student with the possibility of installing additional navigation devices. Both models are equipped with a 140 HP e power unit (engine with a turbine on the injection).


The previous school Tercel gyroplane models have flown over 2 000 hours at the school and are still in aviation operation, which confirms the reliability of the structure and technological solutions.


We invite all interested parties to participate in training and familiarization flights.


Detailed information at the aviation personnel training office:

+48 575 100 120





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