A gyroplane flight is a great opportunity to test your aviation skills or experience unforgettable moments at the controls of an ultralight aircraft and admire the landscape from an unusual perspective.

You dare to break away from the ground and you will see everything that pilots are delighted. Security is provided by a group of experienced instructors (World and European champions) who can give you control in the air! The opportunity to take unique pictures from the bird’s eye view and record the whole flight in the ultralight cab distinguishes our gyroplanes from other aircraft.


For our clients we have prepared three gyroplane flight packages:


Flight before joining the course – a package created for people who want to test their flight skills and start the course of the Qualification Certificate UAGP.

More about the course on the site:


Exclusive flight – flight and demonstration of the possibilities of exclusive gyroplane models in the air. The perfect solution for a gift.


Sports flight – a sports gyroplane flight with the champions of Europe and the World. Guaranteed injection of adrenaline, dedicated to people with strong nerves.


The participant may appear with accompanying persons. It is possible to document the flight.


The offer is available at:


If you have additional questions or would like to make an appointment for flights, please contact our advisor:

Patryk Kazimierski

575 100 120



The gyroplane scan is a hyperspectral measurement method that allows you to record the terrain surface in the form of a cloud of points representing the terrain. Hyperspectral data allows to obtain much more comprehensive information about the area than traditional photography. On the basis of the analysis, we can assess and compare fragments of the land and estimate, for example: the type of rocks, composition and humidity of the soil, as well as determine the type of vegetation inhabiting the area and calculate the natural increase.


Our experience in scanning:


– Agricultural crop scanning

– Gas line scanning

– Scanning of power lines

– Scanning of mineral mines


We currently have 7 gyroplanes * ready to make flights around Europe.


* If necessary, we can produce and prepare new gyroplanes in a short time.



Gyroplanes are also great in agriculture. The innovative method of monitoring the state of agrocenosis with the use of a remote sensing gyrocopter system in the aspect of precision agriculture allows reducing the cost of fertilization and increases the abundance of crops.


As part of the Biostrateg program, a measurement set was constructed to determine the needs of irrigation, fertilization and chemical pest control in the context of the requirements and objectives of precision farming. The advantages of gyroplanes in agriculture is the lack of damage caused by wheeled machines and very high efficiency.


Thanks to their design and specification, gyroplanes can be used for spraying and removing pests through ecological solutions (without interference of chemical substances).

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