TERCEL AAT with the DULV Safety Certificate!!


We are proud to announce that Aviation Artur Trendak has once again received the German DULV Certificate. AAT gyroplanes in the latest equipment configuration: a carbon cabin with an AAT engine (Turbo Injection) with a power of 140 HP have undergone the process of full quality and safety certification.


Link to the new DULV Certificate: https://trendak.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Certyfikat-DE21-scaled.jpg

Our certificates: https://trendak.eu/pl/o-nas/certyfikaty/

Our patents: https://trendak.eu/pl/o-nas/patenty/

News FLUGEL magazine: https://www.facebook.com/AviationArturTrendak/


The DULV certificate is a quality standard, the assumption of which is to confirm the correct implementation and safety of the aircraft. The standard guarantees that certified products can be registered without any problems and certify the quality of manufactured parts and gyroplanes.

Aviation Artur Trendak is the only Polish manufacturer to have certified gyroplanes and provides a quality guarantee. Several years of experience and continuous technological development allow us to certify our aircraft in various parts of Europe and the World. The main goal of AAT is to care for safety through access to qualified personnel who are at the disposal of our clients at any time.


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