TERCEL SPORT – An invincible gyroplane 2018

Jaktorów July 2018



The next victory of Aviation Artur Trendak teams took place at Inowrocław Microlight Competition 2018. The condition of our pilots is getting better and better.


This is the third consecutive victory of AAT pilots in the MMP 2018 competition. Excellent flights and precision landing are the strongest points of our teams. The pilots fully presented the sports capabilities of TERCEL gyroplanes. Thanks to good stability and no vibrations in the cabin, navigators can perfectly route and navigate during the flight. Very good visibility allows perfect and safe landings, while aerodynamic shapes and a new lightweight design allow high cruising speed with low consumption.


In Inowrocław, the above advantages of AAT gyroplanes were best used by the TERCEL SPORT (SP-XXLX) team Marcin Majsterek / Dominika Jurkiewicz. After the awards ceremony, Marcin Majsterek gave a short interview, in which he emphasized the very good preparation of all Polish pilots for the World Cup.


Championships medal classification:


1st placeMarcin Majsterek / Dominika Jurkiewicz (SP-XXLX)

2nd placeDariusz Szymańczak / Maciej Marszałek (SP-XXSX)

3rd placeDernbach Alojzy / Laskowska Klaudia (OM-M393)


The training cycle for the World Championships in Nagykanizsa (Hungary) is already behind us. The preparation period was very short for our pilots. Next week, detailed strategies for our teams will be determined.


World Championships coverage can be followed in our social media and website.



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Inowrocławskie Zawody Mikrolotowe 2018 – wyniki : miejsce 1 – Majsterek Marcin,Jurkiewicz Dominikamiejsce 2 – Szymańczak Dariusz,Marszałek Maciejmiejsce 3 – Dernbach Alojzy,Laskowska Klaudia Wszystkim zawodnikom serdecznie gratulujemy! (zdj.Łukasz Głamowski – dziękujemy (y) )

Opublikowany przez Aeroklub Kujawski Wtorek, 24 lipca 2018



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