We Keep You SAFE!!

Jaktorów,  March 2017


More than a decade and close to a hundreds of thousand hours in the air of our rotors and cabins.

Early this month the R&D departments perform schedule tests on random rotors and cabins to evaluate the performance of the production line products.

The results show that we keep a big margin on security on rotors loads, cabin resistance and impact absorption.

In Rotors, Trendak Aviation made great improvements, with the 220 chord profile developed by Polish engineers in cooperation with Aviation Institute in Warsaw upgrading the older model from the AIRCOPTER that Trendak acquires years ago.

In cabins and main Landing Gears, the Carbon/Kevlar technology from KOMPOL industries in Poland, increase the payload of the aircraft reducing the structural weight, and in the same way make it more resistant. The Models TERCEL and TAURUS are one of the few side by side Gyroplanes maybe the only ones, capable of open section in the floor for camera mountings and cargo pack attachments, without compromising the structural strength of the machine.

Proven, safe rotors, best cabin wide view in the market, complete safe cockpits and the most powerful engines for payload until 560 kg make the Trendak models the right choice pro fun, work or just enjoy the view in the sky.


We Keep You Safe… We Keep You Flying.


Press and media department

Aviation Artur Trendak



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