A spectacular aviation show is a real treat for all aviation fans. In addition to the breathtaking aerial acrobatic shows, there are hundreds and thousands of hours spent in the air.


Aviation shows performed by pilot Romuald Owedyk – AAT Gyrocopter


The pilot makes 2 to 10 presentations during weekend shows. Each presentation is different despite the fact that the aerobatic key can be the same. Aviation is a very extreme sport because we have no influence on a lot of significant factors during the show (e.g. weather and changing weather conditions).


TAIFUN gyroplane – flight demonstrations


Aerobatic and demonstration pilots are aware of the huge risk and pressure exerted by the audience watching them from below.

In that case, how can you deal with so much stress and challenge?

One of the pilots, quickly asked after the show, replied that he did not feel stress until the aircraft was doing all its maneuvers perfectly. Pilots who fly professionally every day take the safety and reliability of the aircraft first and foremost.


Pilot Romuald Owedyk photo during the show – TERCEL SPORT gyrocopter


Gyroplanes are the safest aircraft, which is why AAT is working every day to improve the quality and performance of its products. The management department, R&D department and engineers make every effort to ensure that the final products leaving the factory in Jaktorów are the best. The best example is trouble-free engines, which are improved by AAT employees and installed in sport gyroplanes.


Preparations for the new AAT PERFORMANCE engine


We are pleased that our achievements to date are noticeable and you have trusted us choose gyrocopter brand Aviation Artur Trendak:


Pilot Romuald Owedyk – one of the founders of the 57-MY group


Multiple World, European and Polish champions flying TERCEL SPORT gyroplanes


RED DOT Award for Aviation Artur Trendak in the field of “design and innovation”.

Thank you for your trust and we invite aviation fans for the next 57-MY group shows and AAT presentations!



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