AAT Performance – even more power and comfort!!


QUALITY / PRECISION / SAFETY – Experience built since 2002.


Months of work by our designers and hundreds of hours of testing allowed us to prepare an engine with increased performance. The AAT gyroplane engine is a Rotax Turbo IS with power 140 HP. The most important advantage of our engine configuration is that there is no electronic power cut-off which increases safety during take-off and increased engine cooling in flight.

The AAT Performance package prepared by us allows you to develop speeds that exceed 200 KM/H.


Increased performance of AAT gyroplanes – that’s not all !!


AAT Performance is an option of additional equipment created for demanding customers who expect something more from gyroplanes than the ability to move from one place to another.

The new equipment package, from the interior to technical solutions, perfectly and precisely matches the needs of pilots. A wide range of AAT equipment emphasizes the individual character of each gyroplane.


Why AAT gyroplanes?


Below in the link we publish some important features that distinguish our gyroplanes from the competition: https://www.trendak.eu/en/advantages/

If you value precision and high-class performance, the gyroplanes manufactured by Aviation Artur Trendak are dedicated just for you.





TERCEL AAT with the DULV Safety Certificate!!


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