There are no amateur Gyro pilots anymore

Jaktorów, May 2017


In many ways the last semester of 2016 and the present one of 2017, have been a busy but productive time for the gyro factory in Warsaw. With the opening of the Asian market, the Latin American technology investment in Brazil, plus the improve and more strong presence in the United States with the sixteen years’ experience company Air Gyro, Trendak is fulfilling the expectations of many customers around the word looking for a more powerful and comfortable (spacious) machine.


The modern gyroplanes market no longer belongs to amateur pilots as it was fifteen years ago when gyroplanes were a new machine on the market. Interest in the AAT brand shows one of the reasons for increased sales and investment in Aviation Artur Trendak technology. Aircraft manufacturing companies are opening up to customers and presenting everything they can boast to the global market. Today’s ultralight aircraft market is expanding rapidly due to innovative solutions.


Aviation Artur Trendak have evolve his models in the last 10 years. The Polish company is one of the few manufacturers to test and improve their products every day. An example of the summit of this evolution is the gyroplane TAIFUN. The construction of the modern aircraft was initiated by Tercel gyroplane, who has been successful in all fields of ultralight aircraft, taking into account the latest world trends. Taifun combines all the advantages of the hitherto produced gyroplanes. Futuristic design and innovative technology have been combined with lux.


Always looking at the quality and durability of our machines and the future of gyroplanes on the world market, the Polish manufacturer develops its product range and opens its doors to customers. Six years after the brand changed its name to AVIATION ARTUR TRENDAK, it has become today the largest gyroplanes exporting company in Asia and one of the few manufacturers of a spacious multifunction cabin.


“Trendak will continue restless to achieving the dream of flight, Trendak is commit, to keep you flying”


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Aviation Artur Trendak





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