Another presentation of the Aviation Artur Trendak gyroplanes. This time we’re going to the Czech Republic and to the entertainment capital – Excalibur City!


Excalibur City is a shopping center and amusement park for the whole family. In terms of size and range, it is number 1 in the Czech Republic. An additional advantage is the airfield where we will be able to meet you and present our current offer.

Detailed information on the website: www.excaliburcity.com


We have prepared for you a presentation of the TERCEL gyroplane in the EXCLUSIVE 2020 configuration. Our pilots and mechanics will be there to answer every question and present the capabilities of gyroplanes. In addition, in the AAT zone you will meet the founder and president of Aviation AT, Mr. Artur Trendak, who will also be happy to answer your questions.


See you soon!

Date:  19-20 June 2020


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/VWTQVQrjBZ5uKUU47

Chvalovice-Hate 183,

669 02 Znojmo,

Czech Republic





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