Pilot training for FREE! – New promotion “BUY&FLY”

A perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams.


If you plan to buy a new gyroplane, we have prepared a special “BUY & FLY”* promotion for you.

Aviation Artur Trendak has prepared a special promotional package that significantly simplifies and speeds up the training process and shortens the time of purchase of a new gyroplane. Today you can become a pilot and fly on your dream vacation, because when buying a new gyroplane, the customer receives a full UAGP training and ULC exam for FREE.


A gyroplane adapted to your needs is at your fingertips!

In order to meet your needs, we have also prepared a promotional offer for the purchase of a gyroplane, which can be adapted to an individual order. The first gyroplane, which received the VFR Night certificate, is immediately available at a promotional price with the BUY & FLY * package.

Link to the advertisement: https://www.trendak.eu/sklep/tercel-exclusive-vfr-noc-night/


An offer for renting gyroplanes has also been created for business clients. See our offers and rent a gyroplane ideally suited to your needs.

More about the offer on the website: https://www.trendak.eu/en/services/rent/


Take advantage of the exceptional promotion for modern gyroplanes models Aviation Artur Trendak. The number of gyroplanes in the promotion is limited.

More information available from our sellers.

* BUY&FLY promotion is only valid in Poland.






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