TAIFUN 916 iS / 5 years warranty

Discover a completely new aviation design that guarantees you maximum safety, comfort and unique performance.

Order the new TAIFUN 916 iS gyroplane with a 5-year warranty and Exclusive equipment at a promotional price!


Warranty: 5 years

TBO: 2.000 H

Power: 160 HP


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The newest two seater gyroplane that will fit two people (side by side). It was designed for pilots who appreciate luxurious interiors and modernist design.

The aggressive aerodynamic shape of the machine and the latest injection engine help to achieve the best performance among all gyroplane models.

Currently, the latest models of gyroplanes are equipped with the latest avionics, such as: liquid crystal displays, GPS navigation, thermal imaging camera and many other mechanisms allowing for safe flight. The cabin of Polish production is distinguished by the best visibility on the market, which allows for easier piloting and better views during the flight.





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The new era of the modern Gyroplane


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