Jaktorów, January 2019


Modern models of Aviation Artur Trendak gyroplanes are gaining more and more followers and satisfied customers. People who have been interested in the subject of ultralight aircraft for a long time and are trying to buy their gyroplane choose the AAT brand.

Most customers who face the choice of ultralight plane purchase must choose between convenience and functionality.




Taurus gyroplane is a bigger brother of gyroplanes. It has three seats in 1 + 2 configuration. You can add very easily a special designed equipment such as spraying kit or Trichogramma introduction kit to that gyrocopter. You can configure it as you want for your individual purpose.


You are interested in aviation and your passion are gyroplanes and would like to combine business with pleasure but you do not know how to do it?


TAURUS is the perfect combination of convenience and functionality. On a daily basis, the gyroplane has excellent performance in tourist resorts, farmlands, coasts and borders of countries. However, on weekends, you can transform it into a recreational machine for tourist and family flights in a very quick and easy way.


Gyroplane TAURUS is created for people who do not like compromises or plan to open their own aviation business. Therefore, to facilitate the decision when buying a new aircraft, we have prepared a special offer and a range of possibilities that will clearly the view on our products.


AAT catalog: https://www.trendak.eu/pl/katalog-aat/

Range of possibilities: https://www.trendak.eu/en/services/utility/

Detailed offer: https://www.trendak.eu/en/aat-offer/


From today the promotion #StopDreamingStartFlying starting! For those interested, we organize open days and free test flights the new TAURUS gyroplane. In addition, we offer our flight training to our clients – FOR FREE!


If you want to take advantage of the promotion or receive more information, call and arrange a flight – the number of flights is limited.


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