Fatigue tests – Safety Guarantee!

Every gyrocopter undergoes thorough quality control before it reaches the customer in the production process and after its completion. However, each part of the gyroplane is built after performing load simulations in MES programs undergo hundreds of hours of testing and inspection before it reaches the gyroplane.


Today we want to show you what AAT rotor tests are and how its entire procedure works.


STAGE 1 – Testing the rotor blade at rupture performed at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw


The test consisted of static stretching of the rotor blade until it ruptures. The rotor components withstand tests over 21 tons of tensile force which classifies them as one of the safest rotors in the world.


Tests at the Institute of Aviation are to show and prove the reliability of aluminum rotors. Static tests have proven the safety and reliability of this product.


STAGE 2 – Tests in real conditions (taxiing, takeoff, landing and flight)


The rotor mounted on the gyroplane is equipped with specialized equipment – vibrometers, strain gauges and accelerometers. The apparatus measures and records angular and linear accelerations, stresses and vibrations in real conditions with an emphasis on extreme situations such as hard landing or taxiing on an uneven surface with an unscrewed rotor at a significant speed.


STAGE 3 – Fatigue test on AAT simulators (vibration, shock and overload)


The data collected during stage 2 allow us to construct sites that will be able to reproduce real parameters in a safe manner on earth. At the stands, we examine the limits of our rotors and their operation. Every day 2000 (two thousand) test cycles are performed. At the end of the day, the rotor is dismantled, thoroughly tested by engineers and described.


Studies show that aluminum rotors are safer because they are made of one component. An additional advantage is the fact that they are not susceptible to UV radiation and impact.


As a few company that produces ultralight gyroplanes, we have our own extensive research stands and a design department in which our engineers research and develop production technology every day. For greater safety of our customers, our gyroplanes are certified all over the world and can be easily registered: AAT CERTIFICATES


Periodic inspections and pre-flight inspections guarantee us 100% safety, which is why we are encouraged to perform gyroplane services at authorized service points.









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