HANGAR PARTY // Flight demonstrations…


An unusual aviation surprise was prepared for all the guests – flight shows (flight of an aircraft at a very low altitude). Each pilot taking part in the event presented their skills and the machine in mowing flight before landing.


The most interesting flights include a mixed group flight (Robinson R44 helicopter, Sirius plane and a gyroplane in a tandem seat configuration) and a breathtaking flight of the Hatz Classic plane at the controls, with Wojciech Hajdukiewicz at the controls. Hatz Classic, was produced in Poland based on the American plans of this ship from the 1960s. The wings and propeller of the biplane and two-seater are made of wood, the fuselage is made of steel tubes, and the entire structure is covered with canvas.


KLUB PILOTA // Aviation is more than a passion… …it’s a lifestyle!


The aviation season continues. We cordially invite everyone who wants to test their aviation skills for test flights and UAGP pilot training.

Taking care of the safety of our customers, we have prepared an individual fleet of gyroplanes. Details available at the AAT office.


Contact: 575 100 120 // patryk.k@trendak.eu


Below is a photo report from the event.

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Opublikowany przez KLUB PILOTA Piątek, 23 października 2020




TERCEL – The Best Gyro 2019


World Travel Show 2017 – AAT Aviation accent


Valentine’s presentation of the AAT gyroplane