Multifunctionality of AAT gyroplanes


Multifunctionality of the AAT gyroplanes…

Gyroplanes appeared on the world market for the first time in 1923. They enjoyed great popularity until World War II. Gyrocopters have been replaced by helicopters which, thanks to the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technique, have found their application in the military sector.

The gyroplanes began to be returned to after the war, when it turned out that they have incomparably greater adaptability to other aircraft. Thanks to a very short take-off and landing (STOL) and safe and easy piloting technique (autorotation flight), the gyroplanes began to be used in:


• Police:
• Military:
• Firerescue:
• Agriculture (Spraying and Scanning):
• Tourism (sightseeing flights):


The advantage of the gyroplane over the helicopter …

A spacious cabin with a view on each side, safety thanks to autorotation and easier piloting are just a few advantages of gyroplanes.

Other advantages are:

• Four times lower purchase price
• Four times cheaper flight training
• Cheaper operation of the machine
• Cheaper annual service
• Lower insurance and registration fees
• Greater visibility and comfort during flight
• Safer due to autorotation flight
• No parking / hangar fees (you can hangar in your own garage)
• Possibility of adaptation and configuration to individual needs
• Possibility of take-off and landing in any place (contingent place: meadows, fields, grassy places)


Why AAT gyroplanes?

Thanks to the experience built since 2002 and the trust of our customers who operate their gyroplanes in extreme conditions, we can produce universal aircraft tailored to the individual needs of customers.

Below we publish some of the most important features and advantages of Aviation Artur Trendak windmills, which place Polish AAT production among the leaders of ultralight rotorcraft:





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