In terms of sales, 2022 was another record year in a row for Aviation Artur Trendak. The AAT factory increased sales of gyroplanes by 11% and opened new dealerships in Europe.


For the fifth time in a row, Aviation Artur Trendak maintained his leading position in the World Championships held in Hosin, Czech Republic, standing on the top step of the podium.


The continuous development of the company and the improvement of gyroplanes in terms of safety and travel comfort allows for the selection of equipment to the pilot’s needs in every detail. For the convenience of our customers and dealers, we have a DULV certificate for each configuration of the gyrocopter, which allows you to register gyroplanes in the selected country.


For 2023, we have prepared for you new equipment proposals and basic configurations of gyrocopters based on the most frequently ordered gyroplanes in the past year.


AAT Gyroplane Configuration Catalog:


PL version: PL catalog

PL version: EN catalog

DE version: DE catalog

FR version: FR catalog

ES Version: ES Catalog


We invite you to visit our dealerships and test flights:





Invitation to AMAZE in Dubai


Moto Show 2017


The World Cup of Ultralights, test of the Gyroplane potential


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