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Jaktorów August 2017


Aircraft in the category of luxury goods are a group in which value for money is mainly related to travel optimization and time savings. That is why Aviation Artur Trendak puts great emphasis on travel comfort. The large spacious cabins, good visibility provided by the numerous windows make traveling in the furthest corners of the world a pleasure for those who take their flights. The side-by-side seat arrangement (two seats next to each other) provides great comfort. Each of the machines produced is adapted to the individual needs of the customer. Prestige resulting from the unique appearance of the aircraft emphasizes the uniqueness of this means of transport. Another important asset of AAT machines is the care and attention to detail. Each item is hand-made and folded by qualified personnel from the production department and subjected to rigorous quality testing.



Every year we see an increase in interest in AAT products. This is evident primarily in the growth of produced and sold pieces. Owners of other aircraft change for controlling the gyroplane to be able to travel comfortably and comfortably. Finally after years of rebuilding the Polish aviation industry from the effects of financial crisis on the world market has come a plane that can meet the most difficult requirements of pilots. Speaking of the new TaiFun gyroplane model. The global demand for such AATs is so great that now the waiting time for a single unit is about four months.



The price of new gyrocopters start at 52 thousand euro is the same as you would have to pay for a higher class car. The convenience is that only a qualification certificate and an up-to-date aviation study are enough to pilot the ultra-light aircraft category.

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