Aviation Artur Trendak is a new member of „Safety Management System”

Jaktorów March 2018


On 21-22 February 2018, in the building of the State Higher School in Chełm, a meeting on SMS (Safety Management System) organized by the Civil Aviation Authority took place.

On this day Aviation Artur Trendak signed a declaration on the development of a safety culture in air transport. At the same time, this declaration made it possible for AAT to join the group of aviation safety signatories in the implementation of the “Just Culture” idea.

The idea of “Just Culture” concerns the topics of a safe flight operations. Participation in the program is a very good opportunity to exchange aviation experience. The declaration has been signed by representatives of: ULC, PANSA, PKBWL, Institute of Aviation and many other institutions so far.

This is another step in our company in the sector of general aviation security development. We care about your safety by ensuring the continuous development of AAT systems.


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Aviation Artur Trendak is a new member of „Safety Management System”


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