Gyroplane Assistance

Jaktorów, March 2017


Gyroplane in many ways is a  “high ticket items” and for many other reasons keeping this “item” flying is the main concern of any buyer.


For many years manufactures around the world compete to make light, better and safer machines, however, some of those fail in the post delivery service or post purchase support. Timing on spare parts, high prices on package delivery, insufficient stock of spare parts, untrained personel to perform proper service,  are few points just to number some of the factors that a costumer evaluate in the moment of decide the brand and the model. For almost the same price you can get a complete version of a side by side of a Gyroplane or a tandem simple model; at the end, the main issue is the post purchase support.


Flying in a remote area or simply far away from the dealer or manufacturer, make sometimes a nightmare having a small mechanic problem  or structural damage, more if your machine is working in a flight school or some under schedule business,  not mentioning the painful amount of money.


In Trendak Aviation we are building a new strategy to make this service and reparations more easy and less expensive for our costumers.  We are creating a new way to Keep You Flying, reducing the timing on shipment and the prices for packages delivery.


We are offering a hangar to hangar service, Personally our team of experts help you to overcome all your Gyro needs. Training and maintenance, spare parts warehouse direct in the country or nearest place with easy access of commerce treaty to reduce import / export taxes. Also a program with an annual fee, for schedule services and parts,  or full coverage in case your machine have some structural damage. We are working hard to make you feel the real difference, for anyone flight one of our machines, our costumer’s and distributor’s happiness in the operation is what only matters at the moment of build modern Gyroplanes.


Our alliances around the world are carefully evaluate, making sure that our agents and distributors are completely capable to take care of our clients, a complete network of cooperation between counties and costumers for backing all together.


Initially the program is working in Europe and will start in the US this year. Step by step the cooperation network will grow and will make easy and more friendly all the assistance required to Keep You Flying.



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