HANGAR PARTY // Landing competition and a dose of aviation adrenaline…


#HangarParty vol.3 that is the third meeting of aviation and gyroplane enthusiasts enthusiasts. The organizers event: Aviation Artur Trendak and the Klub Pilota have prepared an aviation surprise for spotters and customers – a competition of precise landings.

Precise landing competition has been resolved at the Hangar Party. Two-person crews (pilot/student + instructor) took part in the competition. The accuracy of the touchdown was assessed in relation to the designated line during two scored landings.

The focus and air competition among the pilots was felt until the last landings. The main referee of the September competition: Arkadiusz Golbert, summed up the final classification as follows:


Pilot’s medal classification:

1st place: Maciej Marszałek

2nd place: Robert Skirski

3rd place: Wiesław Bartoszek


The awards and statuettes were presented by the president of AAT, Mr. Artur Trendak. Congratulations to all competitors on safe landings.


🥇 Maciek Marszałek🥈 Robert S🥉 Wiesław Bartoszek#HangarParty

Opublikowany przez KLUB PILOTA Czwartek, 17 września 2020


Below is a photo report from the event.

See you soon!!

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Opublikowany przez KLUB PILOTA Czwartek, 17 września 2020




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